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Syndicate Launch Trailer Featuring Music by NERO

Hey Syndicate followers, here’s something that you’ll have been looking forward to seeing for a little while now. That something? The Syndicate launch trailer.

Yes that’s right, Syndicate’s launch is just around the corner and as such, a trailer for it’s launch has been released. This trailer features an amazing remix of the theme by NERO, which I advise everyone download from the Facebook page as soon as they can, it sounds AMAZING!

For those who don’t know Syndicate is the cyber-punk shooter re-imagining of the DOS game by the same name. In Syndicate, faceless agents are controlled by giant mega-corporations who all vie for power over the free-market and as such, are sent on secret missions of espionage and other affairs.

Be sure to check out the trailer, embedded below. Also, be sure to check out the Facebook page and look for their selection of Syndicate MP3s to download.

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