Rumor: Is a Lady Gaga Game on the Way?

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Here is an interesting rumor for you to chew on. Various sources have begun reporting that Ubisoft may be preparing Lady Gaga: The Experience for the Wii and Wii U. I think by this time, no one should be surprised if this were to be true though, as the whole concept fits in perfectly with Ubisoft’s dance genre series that started with the King of Pop back in 2010.

Honestly, I enjoy Lady Gaga as an entertainer and her larger than life persona seems to be perfect for the video-game world. To make this even more exciting, anime expert Luke Halliday has had a Bubble-Dress he has been dying to try on for quite some time now so it all seems like destiny. Until an official announcement is made, consider this just a rumor but this very could well be one of Ubisoft’s big 2012 releases we will be seeing at E3.

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