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Capsule Computers Playstation Vita Unboxing Video

Capsule Computers was lucky enough to pick up a PS VITA a little earlier than some of you out there, and with that we’ve decided to create a special unboxing video. In this video, we run through all of the PS VITA system settings and menus so you can see and have a basic understanding of what everything looks like and how the touch screen works. I must say the touch screen feels just as smooth, intuitive and responsive as an Apple iPAD/iPhone.

The PS VITA we’ve unboxed in the video below is the Japanese WI-FI version. The only major difference in this Vita compared to PS VITAS in other regions is the power supply. In addition, the instructions, quick-start manuals and back of the box is all in Japanese. The actual PS VITA itself is no different than any other model out there (US, Hong Kong, UK, AU etc), but the only way to differentiate between them is to check the serial numbers. The Japanese version is PCH-1000 (Hong Kong is PCH-1006 etc).

We’ve also included some screenshots below which show off the official PS VITA memory card ( available in 4gb, 8gb, 16gb and 32gb cards) and the official PS VITA screen protector. There are two types of screen protectors currently available: glossy and matte. We’ve decided to go with matte, as it leaves no finger marks on the screen. Both work well and do not in any way hinder the performance of the touch screen what so ever.

Enjoy the Capsule Computers unboxing of the PS VITA. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.