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A Vita Launch Trailer for Virtua Tennis 4 : World Tour Edition

One of the PS  Vita’s many launch titles is Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition. Following up the console release, Sega’s latest entry into the Virtua Tennis series has just received a brand new launch trailer.  The game sports a roster of 22 star players, and boasts a host of new features that take advantage of the Vita’s new tricks, including full touch screen control which you can be mix and match with the analogue sticks as you see fit. Two players can even play against one another on the same handheld too, and there is also an online multi player that supports up to four players.

Perhaps the most unusual feature however is the first person perspective mode, which allows players to use the motion control capabilities of the Vita to step into the shoes of their player. Virtua Tennis 4 :World Tour Edition is released alongside the Vita itself, so will hit shelves on February 22. Will it be one of your launch day picks? Make sure and check out the trailer below.

Claire Phillips
Claire Phillips
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