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Super Kid Icarus Flash Game, A Remake With Heart

For those of you hanging out for the upcoming Kid Icarus 3D Classics remake on the Nintendo eShop, here is something that will entice you in the mean time – Super Kid Icarus.

Super Kid Icarus, is a flash version playable for free in the comfort of your internet browser. If you loved the original, you’ll love this remake with heart. While staying true to the original, it updates Kid Icarus to what it would be had it released on the Super Nintendo.

Not only is it a great remake, it also features an awesome map creator for fans with a taste for creativity and even a comprehensive enemy guide for the truly hardcore players. If you want to jump back into the world of Kid Icarus, whether it be for a nostalgia trip or simply to bide your time until the Nintendo eShop remake you can play the game here.

Also check out Hop and Bop as well!

You can also check out Hop and Bop, an action style platform game. Featuring 8-bit NES style graphics usingg a total of 16 colors and chip tunes. An editor allows you to create your very own custom areas and publish them for all the world to play.

Fans of the NES and and Super Marios. just might find something like here. You can check out and play Hop and Bop here.

Luke Halliday
Luke Halliday
Senior Editor & Anime Specialist