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Fans of the blue blur, have we got an announcement for you! Today marks the offical launch of Sonic the Hedgehog’s OFFICAL merchandise store. Now, while many of you are probably already aware that there are plenty of pieces of Sonic memorabilia strewn throughout the global market today, this is the first time an offical, SEGA sponsored online store has been devoted to their favourite mascot. The UK based website features a large variety of merchandise ranging from collectable figurines, to DVD’s of the cartoons, posters, various articles of clothing and thensome. Despite its European base of operations, the website caters for iunternational shipping of all goods listed on the site. More merchandise is also on the way, so collectors would do well to keep their eyes peeled for rare, or highly desired items, such as the DVD boxset of the Sonic SatAM cartoon below. For the hardcore Sonic devotee, this is a website that should not be overlooked.

The offical launch announcement from SEGA:


LONDON (January 18th, 2012) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and RHM Solutions are pleased to launch the full official online store for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise in Europe.  To celebrate there will be a fantastic offer of 15% discount across all stock available on (excluding items already discounted).  Customers will simply need to use the JANSALE15 promotional code when prompted, and the offer runs until the end of January 2012 with no limit on the amount of times it can be used!  Although currently only live in Europe, plans are in place to launch a similar store for the USA and other American markets at a later date. soft launched for the European markets in December 2011 and carries a range of Sonic the Hedgehog figurines, stationery items, apparel, consumer electronics, collectables, posters and DVDs.  The store is managed and run by RHM Solutions on behalf of SEGA, and RHM Solutions also take care of order fulfilment and shipping.

The range of goods available in the store is set to widen throughout 2012 with offering a loyalty system for registered members.  Reward points can be earned every time items are purchased through the store and can be redeemed on future orders.  The store will also run various seasonal sales and promotions throughout the year, information on these will be posted via SEGA community channels.

“Sonic the Hedgehog’s fan base has grown continually over the past twenty years and the   demand for branded merchandise has increased along with his popularity” commented Sissel Henno, Head of Brand Licensing SEGA Europe.  “By teaming up with RHM Solutions we are able to provide something for all Sonic fans with an online store that includes fashionable apparel, collectible figurines, stylish stationery and much more.  We are looking forward to seeing how the store evolves and how consumers can engage with the brand in a new way.”

To check out what’s on offer visit:

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