Hitman novel will take place before Hitman: Absolution

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The Hitman series has plenty of games in its library, but it also has one book released so far, and now it appears that Del Rey will be releasing a second novel for the Hitman series. This time around the book will be called Hitman: Damnation and it will be released sometime in the Summer of this year.

The story in Hitman: Damnation will follow Agent 47 as he is on a mission to assassinate high-level political figures in America. The title is being written by Raymand Benson and is being called an “official prequel” of Hitman: Absolution. This means that, according to the press release, the book will take place between Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution so those looking to fill that story gap will certainly be interested in picking this up.

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