Famitsu.com has conducted a poll on the games that made the Japanese public cry and the top emotion driving game is Final Fantasy X. First released on the Playstation 2 (with further releases on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita), the story follows Tidus, a Zanarkand resident transported 1000 years into the future and the pilgrimage of Yuna, where Tidus becomes one of her Guardians. Final Fantasy X beats out fellow Final Fantasy game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the prequel of Final Fantasy VII starring Zack Fair, and Okami, a game about Amaterasu, the sun goddess of Japanese mythology, who takes the form of a wolf throughout the game.

Here is the top 20 of games that made the Japanese cry (thanks to Andriasang). You may notice that there are some games with the same number . That means that they had the same number of votes. Famitsu, however, did not disclose the number of votes for any game.

  • 1. Final Fantasy X (Square Enix, PS2, 7/19/2001)
  • 2. Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix, PSP, 9/13/2007)
  • 3. Okami (Capcom, PS2, 4/20/2006)
  • 4. Clannad (Gung-Ho Works, PS2, 2/23/2006)
  • 5. Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (Konami, PS2, 11/17/2004)
  • 6. Steins;Gate (5pb., Xbox 360, 10/15/2009)
  • 7. AIR (Incerchannel, Dreamcast, 9/20/2001)
  • 8. Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix, PS, 1/31/1997)
  • 8. Mother 3 (Nintendo, GBA, 4/20/2006)
  • 10. Final Fantasy Type-0 (Square Enix, PSP), 10/27/2011)
  • 10. Little Busters! Converted Edition (Prototype, PS2, 12/24/2009)
  • 12. Final Fantasy IX (Square Enix, PS, 7/7/2000)
  • 12. NieR Replicant (Square Enix, PS3, 4/22/2010)
  • 14. 428 (Sega, Wii, 12/4/2008)
  • 16. Tales of the Abyss (Namco Bandai, PS2, 12/15/2005)
  • 16. Metal Gear Solid 4 (Konami, PS3, 6/12/2008)
  • 16. Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix, PS3, 12/17/2009)
  • 16. Tales of Legendia (Namco Bandai, PS2, 8/25/2005)
  • 16. ICO (Sony, PS2, 12/6/2001)
  • 16. Shadow of the Colossus (Sony, PS2, 10/27/2005)

Are there any games that made you cry? Why don’t you tell us below in the comments or in the shoutbox, located at the left of the website.

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