Anime Say! Episode 8 – Worst Anime of 2011

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Welcome to Capsule Computers’ weekly anime segment, Anime Say! Each week I will be diving into some of the biggest anime related topic of the week and having my say on anything that matters in the anime world.

This week, I go through my top 5 worst anime series of 2011. What anime made the cut for worst anime of 2011? You can check out this week’s Anime Say! below.

Got any questions for Anime Say? Send all your queries to [email protected] and I will do my best to answer anything you can throw at me.

What do you think of the eighth episode of Anime Say? Let us know in the shoutbox and comments section.

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  1. This is a horrible video… Are you trying to be a rip-off of any other internet celebrity that came out before you? You like saying ‘steaming pile of shit’ a lot so I’m going to have to say it’s ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd’.

    You need to grow up kid. Just because you cuss every other word doesn’t mean this video is funny.

  2. Why are you sweating so much?

  3. This video is actually better than The Angry Video Game Nerd’s videos, that guy is a retard anyway, at least this guy here is telling it how it is.  Who gives a shit if he swears, let him, at least he’s got his facts right and he’s entertaining. 

  4. If listen to the begning he said it was F#@#@#! 40degrees.  Listen to the video again.

  5. You know that the reason the main character in persona 4 isn’t talking is because he didn’t speak in the game aye? The player just answered questions and had no voice acting in the game except “PERSONA!”. This is game -> animation done right. Maybe one of the best crossover since tales of the abyss?

  6. you do realise the reason he put it on this list is because it does not work as an adaptation.He says it is too perfect an adaptation that it doesn’t work as an anime series which is 100% true. That show is pretty much not even watchable unless you have played the game. He is spot on as always.

  7. that shit was funny as

  8. Why would anyone want to listen to one of his videos twice? Ducks is on the prowl brown nosing!

  9. Shit? Was that what you were going to say? Yeah it’s as funny as shit alright and shit isn’t funny. It stinks and it’s disgusting.

  10. I gotta agree with ya there Ducks, I’ve been following this guy since he started and even though he swears every now and then its cause he just does what he wants. Hes unscripted and thats what makes him different to others online. He says what he wants and is ALWAYS on point. Never watched a video where i thought, this guy doesn’t know his shit. If anything I’m slowly coming to see how much of a genius he really is when it comes to his knowledge on the anime industry. Can’t wait for more Luke, dont let these trolls discourage you, let them troll cause at the end of the day you are the one making the money.

  11. just keep on bitching jordan, at the end of the day he gets payed to entertain us, what do you get for your little troll comments? nothing. fuck off you loser

  12. You know if that paragraph of yours didn’t make you look like an idiot I would take you very seriously. Realise? It’s realize! Also you have to capitalize the ‘y’ in ‘you’.

    How is a show ‘not even watchable’ if people can sit down and watch it with relatively no trouble at all? I mean what kind of boneheaded thing is that to say? ‘Shows unwatchable because it’s too perfect of an adaption!’

  13. It’s too perfect an adaptation in the way that it didn’t even try to bend the formula of a game to fit the formula of an anime. There are things that work in a game that do not work in an anime. The perfect example being the hero never talking.

  14. obviously the sweat is a sight gag you dumb ass

  15. just because someone disagrees with you doesnt make them a brown noser. His video series is obviously up and coming. It started last month for crying out loud. He has already build a dedicated small following, you are just a dumbass troll who is just pissed because he told you your favourite anime is shitty. Get over it, if you dont like anime say dont watch it.

  16. The sweat is obviously a sight gag, even my 2 year old son knew it wasnt real sweat you dumbass. You do realise he uses swearing for emphasis? If you cant understand simple shit and just want to tear his videos apart for whatever reason then just fuck off, noone wants to see your pathetic comments here. 

    If anything anime say is the most original video series i have seen on the web in years. Not only that but he is way better than all of those losers. He tells it how it is, unscripted. He is more relatable than any of those others and twice as funny. Keep going luke, ignore this dweeb.

  17. yes, yes im brown nosing, you’re absolultely right. But on the other hand you haven’t got your c@ck all the way up ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd’ ass. 

  18. yes, yes im brown nosing, you’re absolultely right. But on the other hand you haven’t got your c@ck all the way up ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd’ ass. 

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