Spyro’s Skylanders Universe Enters Beta

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Good news for all of Spyro’s fanbase, the recent Skylanders entry to the universe, Skylanders Universe, has entered Beta. For those who don’t know, Beta is a testing phase that games undergo during devlopment to test features and debug a game. This indicates that the game may be close to release, probably within a few months to a year.

On Skylanders, the CEO of Activision Publishing had this to say –

“We conceived Skylanders as a unique, multi-platform experience from the beginning, simultaneously grand in scope yet incredibly easy for kids to embrace,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “You can play with friends in the real world or on consoles, Nintendo 3DS, Mac or PC, and now on the web in Skylanders Spyro’s Universe. If there’s a screen where kids play, we want the Skylanders to come to life there. This also further enhances the play options of every Skylander character. “

Skylanders Spyro’s Universe is set in a land with floating islands that are designed to promote creativity in it’s players by encouraging world-building, teamwork and exploration. Players are able to customise their own Skylands, partake in various fun minigames and team up with friends to explore the vastness of the Skyland. For players who own any of the figures and/or the previous game in the series, they will be able to use their codes in the new game to unlock new content and the like.

Be sure to check out the Official Website for more details.

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