Social games to be made out of the Gust’s Atelier series by Tecmo Koei

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Earlier today we learned that Tecmo Koei would be acquiring Gust completely through the purchase of 2.2 billion yen. Now it appears that Japanese website Nikkei has learned what they are planning to do with the developer and their series once the purchase has been made. The report states that Tecmo Koei is planning on turning Gust’s headline Atelier series into a social game. This is an interesting move, but is not impossible to imagine being that the recent iterations of the Atelier series, the Arland set, have been released on the PlayStation 3 and all include item synthesis and most recently even world building in Atelier Meruru.

While this is not a good sign for fans of the JRPGs developed by Gust, the report does not say that Gust will be locked away to exclusively make social games and may still be able to make full retail titles and RPGs that their fans desire. Plus, further exposure for the series could only benefit the actual development and sales of retail titles now that Gust has a larger studio fully backing their development.

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