Resident Evil: Revelations to be bundled with Circle Pad Pro in Europe

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While Capcom USA has denied that they will be releasing any type of bundle for the Circle Pad Pro with their upcoming zombie game Resident Evil: Revelations, Capcom Europe has a very different plan in mind. In fact, when Resident Evil: Revelations is released in Europe on January 27th they will be releasing the game itself, but also the game bundled with the Circle Pad Pro.

Currently they haven’t said what the price would be for the bundle, but this is the first time that any company has mentioned a release date for the 3DS attachment outside of Japan. Capcom USA has shown the circle pad pro off a number of times however so we can expect some news in the future before Revelations release date at least. Then you too can make your 3DS so awkward to carry around it’ll be unjustifiable as a portable gaming device!

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