QUBE Adventures drops into the iOS

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Looking for an intense skills-based action puzzler? Well then QUBE Adventures is the perfect new app for you! In the app you are in control of QUBE, a small rubber cube searching for some adventure! As most rubber cubes do. You have to try and help little QUBE by helping him get around by using physics and throwing him around dozens of platforms, jumpers and obstacles. Bet it doesn’t sound as easy and innocent as it did before.

This is one of those ‘easy to pick up but impossible to master’ games, and is sure to get you addicted once you start on it so don’t expect something simple and quick to finish. This game will certainly get you involved with it and playing it for hours of fun challenges. With simple stylized graphics, cheerful music and audio, as well as some cool gameplay, this will certainly be a fun one to give a shot.

QUBE Adventures is available now on iPhone, iTouch and iPad for $0.99. Get it HERE

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