Microsoft to eliminate Gun Props for Avatars…

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Bah Humbug. Here is a bit of news that will probably not effect many, but it certainly is a questionable move. Epic Games recently announced via their forums that both the Hammerburst and Lancer avatar props would be pulled from the Xbox Live Marketplace on January 1st of 2012. Why you may ask? Because Microsoft are enforcing a no guns for avatars policy as of that date. If you happened to have purchased a prop from the online store before the first, you are fine and will be able to keep your merch.

I have kind of mixed feelings on the issue honestly. On one side, I understand Microsoft is trying to be more family accessible as it is. On the other front though, this is a video game system and how else can fans of Gears or Halo become their favorite character without that treasured Lancer or Plasma Pistol? As I said, this won’t effect too many as I have around 100 friends right now and I never see too many gun props donned, but I do believe we are going to see even more family friendly changes on the marketplace as we head into the new year.


  1. Damn thats bad, lucky i bought mine and have it in my hands for my Avatar and i’m never going to let it go.

  2. This is a bit stupid, they don’t want people to have any type of weaponry on their characters, whether it is a gun or something similar. But they are perfectly fine with selling games full of blood and gore? Seems a bit hypocritical.

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