Mario Kart 7 – Stuck In The Pits?

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Mario Kart 7
has now sped into player’s 3DS’ across the globe and many are left wondering, is the Mario Kart franchise stuck in the pits? With each game featuring only slight variation from it’s predecessor some have laid accusations against the series of spinning it’s wheels, without any forward momentum. While this is undeniably true, it does not necessarily constitute a bad thing.

For a series such as Mario Kart, it has long since reached the point of it’s gameplay’s peak. No one can deny that Mario Kart is at the best it can possibly be. So why is it a crime considered mortal sin, for Nintendo to simply reproduce that winning formula time and time again?

Well, that boils down to player fatigue. After so many iterations of the same essential game it is to be expected for fans to tire of the series. Does this fatigue mean that Nintendo need to change the series radically, to make it fresh? No, it certainly does not.

In fact, if Nintendo did change the game radically, it would garner similar results to what conspired with Metroid: The Other M. Fans would rebel against the change, good or not, as that is the very nature of Nintendo fans. They are instilled with a strong sense of hatred for any change to the series in which they hold in such high regard, positive or not.

While change is not a bad thing, it most certainly would be for the Mario Kart franchise. For a series that has simply reached the highest point it can possibly reach in terms of gameplay, there is simply no reason to alter the core gameplay of Mario Kart. People do not play Mario Kart for a revolutionary new experience, they play it because they want to play Mario Kart.

It is the chemicals that comprise Mario Kart, that draws people to it – that core at it’s center that makes it Mario Kart. So no, Mario Kart shouldn’t change, because the industry and those who consume it’s products, would be worse off without the Mario Kart experience. While there may not be any big innovations in Mario Kart’s future, there will always and I mean ALWAYS be a place for Mario Kart in the gaming world. Don’t change, Mario Kart, you’re fine just the way you are.

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  1. Damn right. I’m not looking to for innovation when I pick up a Nintendo game, to be honest. I’m looking for a fun time that has got that lovely touch of nostalgia (except with better graphics and controls).

  2. I agree with you on that one, especially when it comes to Mario Kart, Damn for me the Super Nintendo version of Mario Kart is still KING. 

  3. I preferred Mario Kart 64. I could play that non-stop!

  4. I preferred Mario Kart 64. I could play that non-stop!

  5. Dammit, posted the same thing twice. Anyway, I want the mechanics to stay the same and the controls to be innovatively designed for that console. Aesthetically I’d like to see improvements too, but the core gameplay shouldn’t change otherwise it’ll risk getting messy and overly complicated for a racing game. I don’t know how I feel about the underwater level?

    How do people feel about the Game Cube version? Didn’t it have two riders on karts? I only played it the once back in 2003. But I didn’t like that addition to the game from what I remember.

  6. Yes 64 was good i loved that one as well but for me the SNES version was the most fun the battle modes with 4 players was EPICNESS !!!

  7. Double Dash! to me was the most overall polished Mario Kart game of all time. But that’s just me 😉

  8. Agreed. They don’t need to revolutionise, they’re simply refining the formula. Over the years they’ve refined the driving mechanics like drifting, boosts for slipstreaming someone, dragging weapons behind you as a shield, etc.
    Adding new weapons, characters and tracks is all good too.

    I don’t get why people would complain. CoD and to a lesser extent Guitar Hero release the EXACT same game every year. Nintendo might regularly release what is essentially the same game, but it’s only once per console/handheld. There won’t be another 3DS version of Mario Kart. They release iterations of all their regular franchises each generation, with gameplay tweaked to suit the platform. What’s wrong with that?

    Also Kyle: I actually played the Gamecube version the most. The double-driver thing wasn’t bad, it helped the game stand out from the others. It basically let you store a weapon in back-up, as each character could carry an item. And each character had a signature weapon only they could get, meaning you could balance your “team” by weight, kart and weapon combo.

  9. Nice, well not having owned a Game Cube or played it much, I’ll easily accept that you and Michael are right haha. Now I want to play Double Dash too!

  10. The GBA version was also fun and a lot like the SNES version. I am still partial to Double Dash myself though.

  11. i didnt like double dash not fun, and also very easy

  12. yes the gba version was actually very fun as well.  but as u know the snes version was still the best one 🙂

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