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Will We Make It For Skyrim!?

As people have been made aware, a giant asteroid is hurtling towards the Earth at a tremendous speed. This asteroid has been designated YUS55, for You are (not) Unpackaged Skyrim 5.05, and as such is waving a giant middle finger at gamers everwhere.

Colliding with the Earth on the 8th of November (here in Australia anyway), it will strike with a tremendous force of ~50,000 tonnes ((400 x t) x (9.6 x very fast) = ~50,000). Readers will be able to watch their impeding doom with a 15cm telescope equipped with 6″ mirrors at around 10:30AM AEST.

Once the collision occurs, it is a safe bet that any and all copies of Skyrim will be removed from circulation due to the poor visible conditions of the Earth as there would be way too much dust for anyone to actively hold their eyes open. Though, missing the launch of the game will be the least of anyones problems as they will slowly starve to death due to vegetational decay thanks to the lack of sunlight for the next 100 years or so.

Hopefully we survive the impact and the impeding invasion of extraterrestrials or other-dimensional beings. Proof!

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