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I’ve always told everyone here at Capsule Computers that the Umbrella Corporation is a great place, they strive to preserve and maintain the good health of the people.  If you’re not aware their main mission statement is this :

Umbrella is working hard to make the technology of tomorrow a reality for today. Through scientific advancement and technological innovation, Umbrella can create a perfect future. We offer you a future you deserve and a future within your grasp.

Now honestly, I don’t know where people are getting their information from saying that Umbrella are untrustworthy and evil, I have to say this is completely incorrect.  If you don’t believe me why not check out their official website, They are even looking for ambitious and tenacious people to join them in all sorts of areas for valuable research and development through a range of special projects.  All you have to do is fill out the form on their website and they’ll get back to you.



Click on the link just below to take part in this once in a life time opportunity.  (please note, the website is a little buggy) – if you get any weird messages like :

/ Umbrella is lying to you
/ You need to know the truth
/ Stop the atrocities
/ They can be exposed


Just ignore it and complete your registration.  UNESS you really want to click on that other link to uncover the truth.

Thanks and good luck, I hope you get in,  I’ve already been called in for an assessment, can’t wait to enhance and enrich the lives of others through the research of Umbrella.

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. Haha. I love it!

  2. Glad someone actually got it 😉

  3. This is way old news. This was the trailhead for the InsertedEvil ARG that ended it’s run last month.

  4. It’s okay that it’s way old. I hadn’t heard about it and it was cool to see.

    Also suspicious username is suspicious.

  5. It’s pretty genius marketing. I adore clever campaigns like this.

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