These Birds Are ANGRY! 500 Million Downloads and Counting

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The worldwide gaming phenomenon ‘Angry Birds’ has smashed through the 500 million downloads milestone and is still going strong. Rovio Mobile originally released the game for the iPhone back in 2009 and it has since spread across multiple platforms and odds are you’ve probably played it. The game is now available on almost every smartphone and computer thanks to Google Chrome web browser.

This news comes to no surprise Angry Birds fans that have so far tallied up 200,000 years of playing Angry Birds. The mega franchise has also expanded to toys and other merchandise giving gamers the next best excuse to start picking up a slingshot and firing birds at pigs in real life…Oh wait that’s already been done.

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  1. Angry Birds is really addictive. I mean I paid full price for the game, and I hardly ever buy games for my ipod touch. I usually get games free from a few free app a day sites. I’ve also bought a few games when they were deeply discounted.

    But on man this game is so worth it. It’s fun just to load up and play for a few minutes while I’m waiting for something, like sitting in the doctors office waiting room. Great little game.

    Congrats on 500 Million downloads. That’s pretty much insane.

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