Syndicate 4-Player Co-Op Trailer and Theme Remixes

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For the upcoming retelling of the classic tactical strategy game, Syndicate, published by EA Games, a trailer has been released showcasing the games 4-Player Co-Op mode. The trailer is a highly entertaining watch and is sure to resonate with fans of the classic games a bit more postitively than it has currently.

As everyone knows, EA have remade the classic Syndicate into a modern day sci-fi FPS game; which many older fans feel has damaged the core concept of the game. However, the inclusion of 4-Player Co-Op may be enough to tide them back on-side.

Lastly, included on the Syndicate Facebook Page is a link to some very catchy remixes of the classic theme song. One by the very popular dubstep DJ Skrillex and another by Digitalism. So make sure you pick those up; even if you aren’t that into Syndicate, these songs are amazing.

Be sure to check out the Official Website, Trailer and Screenshots embedded below.

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