New WWE All Stars 3DS video details exclusive Modes…

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With WWE All Stars getting new life on the 3DS in just a couple weeks time, THQ have now released a new video to give further insight into the new modes that will come exclusively on the 3D version. The first mode is known as Score Scramble, where the player gains score based on the variety of attacks executed. The more familiar new addition though is the “Gauntlet Mode”, which is pretty much a re-imagining of the Smackdown series’ Slobber Knocker where one player fights Superstar after Superstar to see for far they can go.

Slobber Knocker was one of my favorite modes for the older Smackdown titles, so if this works as well as advertised, this portable wrestling game could be bound for greatness as that is just one of the many modes included in the port. Check out the full video below for yourself to get a better look of both new additions in action.