New Jurassic Park Locations Revealed

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With only a few days until the gates of Jurassic Park re-open, Telltale have revealed some of the locations players will visit off the beaten track in the new game.

In the original movie, a lot more of the park’s facilities were hinted at or discussed beyond those visited by Alan Grant and his party as they toured – and later escaped from – the island.


The Marine Facility accommodates prehistoric creatures of the sea, including the huge aquatic carnivore, Mosasaur. Visitors would be able to view the creatures from the supposed safety of a large underwater rotunda, but my guess is that the player will not have it so easy.


Jurassic Park was intended as a family amusement park, and as if looking at dinosaurs long extinct wasn’t enough, John Hammond has also built some more traditional theme park rides. The Bone Shaker Roller Coaster will apparently play an important role in the survivors’ escape.


Isla Nublar, the island housing Jurassic Park, is volcanic in nature, and the park’s engineers tapped into this endless power source to generate enough electricity to satiate the park’s power-hungry facilities. It appears players will pass through and likely attempt to turn some or all of the power back on. Somehow.


Out in the wilderness, away from the prying eyes of head company InGen, is the lab of Dr Sorkin. After InGen expressed disapproval, Hammond moved her out to a secluded lab where she would be free to continue whatever experiments she was conducting. No word yet on what those experiments might be, but players will likely find out. The hard way.


While the characters of the film arrive on Isla Nublar via helicopter, the park was built to allow charter and cruise ships as a primary method of arrival for the masses. Dennis Nedry, who was stealing dinosaur embryos for a rival company, was headed for the docks before his death in that Jeep. As the player character and their allies are technically trespassing on the island, they’ll have to be sneaking around, and the deserted North Docks will likely be their main entry point.

Players will be taking Telltale’s extended tour of Jurassic Park this week, and so will we. Keep an eye out for our review soon.


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