Counting down like it was New Years, GTA fans waited patiently (ok, most of them weren’t so patient!) for Rockstar’s countdown to reach zero in anticipation of the debut trailer of Grand Theft Auto V.

The big surprise for fans however is that the series is returning to the city of Los Santos, San Andreas, as given away by a huge sign confirming Vinewood as a location. It seems that Los Santos isn’t the only thing that’s returning-GTA4’s Niko Bellic also appears in the trailer, looking rather grim! The trailer also contains some very impressive visuals, but most notably the focus on a new plot introducing a new protagonist trying to get away from it all to settle down, although fate seemed to have something different in mind.

Rockstar is yet to announce a release date, but stay tuned to Capsule Computers as we do our best to get all the latest details to you as quickly as possible! In the meantime check out the trailer below.

Matt Vella. Capsule Computers' Community Manager. I say 'Laters' a lot.


  1. The game looks great. Now all we need is a release date. Anyways the graphics looked pretty good and it has me excited!!

  2. Ahh poor old Niko .. lost all his money and now on the street living like a bum.

  3. So rather than break new ground and establish a new city, Rockstar is still recycling old settings? I mean don’t get me wrong it looks great but way to stay inside the box there.

  4. Im quite sad to see that they didnt go somewhere else… in this case they better make the game so much more detailed than the others as it honestly looks like GTA4 but in a different location.

  5. OMG looks amazing!

  6. BTW is that really Niko Bellic as a bum??

  7. Awesome!
    I don’t think they’d need to move it to a new city to break new ground. Part of what makes it so much fun to continually revisit Liberty City is to see it from different perspectives. You see it as a gangster in GTAIII, an immigrant in GTAIV, a biker in the Episodes from Liberty City DLC, the Triads in Chinatown Wars on the DS. All these stories colour the one city, and it’s great.

    But yeah, Liberty City would be overdone, so they’re obviously trying to populate San Andreas a bit more – only one game there so far. I don’t think moving it to another city would necessarily be “breaking new ground”, but they’ll find a way to do that with the gameplay.

    Also, that doesn’t look like Niko as the bum. At all.

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