Wadjet Eye Games keeps adventuring alive with the Blackwell Deception

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As you may have noticed in our review column there’s a new point and click adventure in town. The Blackwell Deception is the fourth entry in the Blackwell series but that should by no means put off newcomers to the game – Deception easily stands on it’s own.

Psychic medium Rosa Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey (a sardonic ghost from Godfather era NYC) find themselves pulled into the mysterious world of street psychics when customers of these dodgy dealers start turning up as lost souls. Both of the extremely well realised duo are playable, and gamers have to take advantage of both skill sets to get to the bottom of the mystery and help the ghots move on from the real world.

It’s an incredibly well written game, with plenty of dry humour and a charming graphic style.  You can see the full review fresh of off yesterday’s release here.

Adventure fans really have no excuse not to give it a try – there’s even a free demo available at rosablackwell.com

A special preorder offer has been extended until October 16, so if you fancy getting your hands on the entire Blackwell series (Deception and Convergence available instantly via download as well as in the provided DVD) now is the time to jump in.

Wadjet Eye games has a whole host of point and click adventures on offer, so if you’re into the genre and are looking for a few new stories to explore make sure and pay them a visit at wadjeteyegames.com

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