The Last Story coming to Australia!

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That’s right JRPG fans, The Last Story will be released in full English through-out Australia. Following Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower before it, The Last Story is the latest in a sleu of hugely popular Japanese RPG titles that usually would never make it out in English anywhere, that is actually being released in Australia.

The game itself recieved wide-spread critical acclaim, so far as recieving a 38/40 from highly regarded Famitsu magazine. No release date has been set for the title, however the Australian Classification Board provides some details regarding the title here.

Sad news for US and European gamers is that there does not appear to be any release of The Last Story heading there way any time soon.

It look’s like Australian fans are finally getting some good news amidst the depressing news of game bannings and censoring. What do you think of this huge announcement? Let us know in the shoutbox or comments section.

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  1. Luke, a French rep from Nintendo slipped out that Europe should be getting the game in 2012. Pandora’s Tower, the third game in Operation Rainfall, was also confirmed for a European release in 2012, meaning an Oz release is a possibility.

    It seems that only North America will miss out on this game, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora’s Tower. Shame.

  2. This is getting a bit ridiculous now. Does Nintendo of America just not want to go through the little extra effort to release these games on NTSC format? It’s pathetic and they are losing plenty of money and only enforcing the fact that the Wii is already in its grave.

    Even if they are waiting for some big announcement next year or something for the North American versions, it’ll be too little too late and everyone who wanted the games would have gotten them through any means necessary by then.

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