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In the latest chapter of Hunter x Hunter, a new story arc begun, that arc being the Chairman Election arc. Several new characters were introduced as part of the Hunter Associations 12 elite hunter group, The Hunter Jyuunishin (12 Zodiac Animals). Each of the new characters represent an animal of the zodiac, excluding one, that being none other than Gon’s father, Ging Freecss.

In Ging’s first physical appearance, he announces his candidacy to replace former and late Chairman Netero. That is were the complication arrises. The end-point of this series, is Gon finding his father Ging. However if Ging becomes the Chairman of the Hunter Association, which at this point is honestly very likely, Ging would be out in the open for Gon to find him, but unless you take into account the final conditioning for how the election is to be held, he may not be the only candidate possible to be elected as the new Chairman.

The way it was decided the election should be held with every Hunter in the world being both a candidate and a voter. This essentially could mean that anyone could become the next Chairman. This opens things up to several possibilities if you take into account that it would obviously (if being anyone besides Ging) be a previously introduced character. The possibilities that first spring to mind are characters such as Chrollo, Satotz and Killua’s father. In my opinion besides Ging they are the next immediate choices. However since Ging taking the part of Chairman would mean revealing himself to Gon, leaves me thinking that Chrollo may find a way to be elected, thus bring Kurapika back into the mix and causing a stir with the Hunter Association.

But where does the series go once the next Chairman is decided and what will happen with Gon in emergency care?

Well taking into account that whoever takes over as Chairman is bound to cause a stir and would perhaps set off a chain of events that would bring our main cast back together. I am guessing the Chairman will be a former antagonist in order to create a reason for the main characters to get involved in some manner.

As for Gon in critical condition, I suspect Leorio will make his long awaited return, finally having learn Nen. What will his Nen be? I am suspecting it will be a type of healing based Nen. Afterall he wanted to become a doctor. Who better to heal Gon? I highly suspect Killua was calling Leorio.

To be bring this back to the Chairman Election, some people believe that if Ging is elected, that Hunter x Hunter may be nearing it’s end. I however think there is far too much left unresolved for the manga to be even close to it’s end. For instance, there are several hanging plotlines right now, such as: Kurapika’s vendetta against the Phantom Troupe, Killua’s desire to take vengeance upon his family for his brutal torture since birth, Hisoka and Gon’s rematch, Leorio opening his free medical clinic, Chrollo breaking Kurapika’s Nen binding curse and of course Gon finally finding his Father Ging.

There is simply too much currently unresolved for Hunter x Hunter to be even close to it’s end. Which leads me to the conclusion that we still have a long road ahead of us before this manga’s final page is turned. What do you think of the future of Hunter x Hunter? Let us know in the shout box or comments section below.

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  1. I really want to wait until I’m at least 2-3 chapters into the new Ark before I gather up my thoughts on this. I will agree with you on Hunter x Hunter not being near its end though. Their IS still quite a bit of plots/events floating around in the series’s subspace, and honestly I’ve never even thought of Hunter x Hunter ending..All series will end sometime, but it’s solid enough to keep going for quite a gargantuan length of time, such as One Piece, etc.

  2. Definitely agree with the last thing you said. There’s still just a ton of unresolved stuff that needs to be wrapped up before the series can end properly. In addition to the ones mentioned in the article…

    1. Have we even seen Leorio’s nen ability yet? I suspect it could end up being something like Pitou’s nen ability, since he’s a doctor. Maybe that’s who Killua was calling when he ran out of the hospital perhaps? (I just noticed after writing this the article mentioned the same thing. lol)

    2. Kalluto looking for the mysterious Zoldyck brother.

    3. Last but not least, Gyro.

    Of course, Togashi could pull a YYH and just end it without doing any of this stuff, but I kind of feel that if he wanted to do that he already would have. The fact that he kept coming back and continuing the series instead of just ending it gives me some hope that he’ll see this through to the end. Assuming he does see this to the end, there’s definitely at least ~20 more volumes worth of stuff to unravel.

  3. Last time we saw a hint of Leorio’s training, all he knew how to do was Ten..being corrected by Killua and Gon, if I’m not mistaken..

    I think the obvious nen ability he will wind up with is one similar to Pitou’s as you mentioned, or perhaps maybe Leorio will of developed a nen ability, but still in its early stages. I honestly can’t think of another ability he’d wind up with, but I’m prepared for a bit of a twist outcome.

    I have a feeling Hanzo (or Hanso) will be making a re-appearance least I think it’d be cool to see him again. We never got to see his Nen ability, just his basic training when he fought Gon at the final exam.

    There is also Melody, I’m curious to see what she’s been up to, and if she’s made any progress on finding that Sonata of Darkness sheet music.

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