Reggie Fils-Aime Details future 3DS updates…

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Recently, Nintendo announced both Hulu Plus and a boat load of new features that the 3DS will be receiving in a future firmware update. If you kind of shrugged off this news, you may want to pay closer attention as Reggie Fils-Aime himself has now made a new video to share these exciting updates and detail just how they will fit into the 3DS as a whole.

Even though most of the information Reggie talks about is already known, he still has such a “way with words” that I almost feel like running out and buying a second unit. It’s rare when you see such a comforting marketing quality, but then again it’s easy to see why Reggie is Nintendo of America’s president. Watch the clip below and get excited about the new features and holiday line-up, as it seems the 3DS is just starting to clutch onto it’s true potential.