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Pillow Pets due out October 25th!

Not too long ago, GameMill Entertainment announced Pillow Pets for the Nintendo DS. You know, those soft and happy pillows inspired by animals? Yes, they will be starring in their own videogame. Gamemill have finally announced an official release date for the soft and cuddly game, as Pillow Pets will be hitting shelves on October 25th. Players can customize their pet with hats, glasses and more and then set out on an adventure to find a missing pal in the colorful land of Dreamland.

As you can tell by the basic concept, Pillow Pets is crafted for the younger crowd (or fans of quirky adventure games in general), but everything certainly looks pretty sharp at the moment and this trip to Dreamland looks to be quite a delightful one. You can check out the fresh batch of screens below and pick up your own Pillow Pets when it hits the DS in just under two weeks.