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Been wanting a nice way to spend some of those Club Nintendo coins? You’re in luck. Nintendo have recently added a set of 12 hand-drawn cards that take us through the history of their handheld line. From the Game & Watch to the 3DS, it’s all there in crisp, photo form with information about each handheld detailed on the back.

This whole set is currently going for just 300 coins. I know it’s just cards, but little things like this really make a good conversation piece and if you are a handheld buff, this set is sure to please, regardless. You can be taken to Club Nintendo’s page for the item here.

So, what do you think about this new offering?

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  1. Those look really good. I can see framing each one individually and hanging them up in a game room/office/bedroom/whatever.
    Or framing them all in one large frame.
    Or getting 2 sets so you could frame one front and one back together… so many possibilities.

    They are very cool.

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