All of Dance Central’s DLC is on sale right now

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Want some new tracks to dance to in Dance Central but your on a budget? Well your in luck! Harmonix has discounted every single pack of DLC for the game until November 5, 2011. Why have they done such a thing? Not only is it the first anniversary of Dance Central but it is also a celebration of Dance Central 2’s release. Tell us: which packs will you be getting? Will you go whole hog and buy everything up?

For more information on the DLC packs on sale, check out Major Nelson’s blog post here. He details how much you can save on each pack as well as what songs are available in each pack.

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  1. I totally would snag all of the DLC if I thought I was going to be getting a kinect anytime soon (also if I wasn’t flat broke). Dance Central is one of the main games I want for Kinect.

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