Test your Harry Potter knowledge against Professor Dare on iOS

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For those of you suffering withdrawal from Harry Potter and are finding that Pottermore isn’t quite enough to recover, this app is for you. But this is no usual quiz app with a couple of simple questions, graphics and the resulting feeling of being dirty. Hosted by Guinness-World-record-holder quizmaster, Professor Dare, the app has over 2000 questions, 3 single player modes, multiplayer mode, lifelines, and social networking capabilities.

The app is more based off the input of Professor Dare than Harry Potter; this is the start of a quiz apps range that will be released over time. It’s a great place to start, considering the amount of background and detail that went into the Harry Potter universe.

This game is designed to weed out the wizards from the muggles, and will probably make you want to take out the series and re-educate yourself. Not that you need an excuse to do that anyway.

Check out the video for the app below! It’s available from iTunes for $0.99 – BUY IT NOW

BRB, playing games.

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