Resistance 3 DLC announced as the Survival Pack; coming on October 4th

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PlayStation 3 owners can rejoice because not only does their exclusive Resistance 3 title hit stores today but Insomniac Games has already begun working on a piece of downloadable content for the game’s multiplayer section. The DLC is named the “Survival Pack” and will be available on October 4th. The package will add the Invasion Mode to Resistance 3 and include a number of player skins as well as a basic XMB theme for only $3.99.

The Invasion game mode will be a team based resource management type match which will force teams to control capture points on a map to earn points. If you don’t feel like spending extra money though, you can will also be getting two new multiplayer maps entirely free. These maps will come alongside a patch that is also being released on October 4th.

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