Razer Arcade Stick Preview – TGS 2011

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Today we spoke to Hilmar Hahn, Product Evangelist for Razer at this years Tokyo Game Show 2011.  Hilmar walks us through the Razer Ultimate Arcade Stick for the XBOX 360 and PC.  The Ultimate Arcade Stick is co-developed by Razer and the arcade stick community.  The Arcade stick is being developed with real pro-gamer feedback from over 200+ specially selected top-seed Street Fighter IV pro-gamers, influential modders and members of the arcade enthusaist community. Currently in prototype stage the Razer Arcade Stick, even in its early stages is looking very impressive.

Check out the video preview below with Hilmar and let us know what you think of it.  Will it have what it takes to take down the other great arcade sticks out there.

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