PopCap offering up ALL their PC titles for just $99.95!

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If you have been craving some of PopCap’s PC titles as of late, you might be interested by their new “Back to School Pack” that is on sale this weekend. All 52 of Poppy’s titles are being offered up for a price of just $99.95. That may sound a bit steep at first but considering that this bundle puts each title under $2, those who want to do some hoarding should definitely take notice.

With the likes of Bookworm, Insaniquarium, Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled, and the many other addictive franchises in PopCap’s library, this offer literally offers a game for each week of the year that is sure to put that extra hard drive space to good use. You can check the full list of titles and additional details HERE, and make sure you hurry as September 12th is the last day to splurge on this bundle.

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