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League of Legends: Dominion

League of Legends is a growing community that is available free for online play. Today marks the release of its new map and battle grounds called Dominion. Opposed to the Classic play where you defend turrets that lead up to your base, Dominion plays out like an intense King of the Hill. Searing Scar, the map, requires champions to attain five separate capture points. By capturing one of these areas, you begin to weaken your opponenet’s base crystal. The first team to reach zero life on this crystal loses the game.

Normal game length for the Classic mode is 45 minutes. However, Dominion is very fast paced and averages around 20 minutes. This is due to the increased leveling system and faster gold accumilation. Additionally, newer items have been added just for Dominion mode and cannot be used in regular version.

Check out Riot Game‘s Dominion mode spotlight below!

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