Donkey Kong 2 on HTML 5

PC Arcade Nerdy Niches Platformer iPad

Developer: Q42Games
Genre: Platformer, Recreation
Platform: Desktop Browser, iPad Safari
Price: Free

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Q42, a web development agency based in the Netherlands, and have been active in the HTML5 and web app scene for a while now. They started up a project at, working to reproduce some old classic video games using HTML5. (with official backing from Activision, no less); and since then have become kinda famous in the HTML5 community. But they also have a lesser known site,, using it to branch out into other styles of games, both modern and classic.

In 1982, as part of their “Game & Watch Multi Screen” series of handheld games, Nintendo released Donkey Kong, where we first saw Mario rescuing his girlfriend from the clutches of a large primate. This followed a line of games dedicated to Donkey Kong, and of course, to Mario’s legendary hits. Donkey Kong 2 was one of these titles, and the guys at Q42 have seen fit to bring it back to life using the power of HTML5.

The game has you, Donkey Kong Jr., picking up a key and fling it up a level, until finally unlocking one of four padlocks which hold Donkey Kong captive, all the while dodging hazards and trying not to die too much.

The recreation of the old-school LCD screen with it’s minimal number of frames, each showing through as shadows until they are activated, is spot on. The audio, too, has sparse blips and bloops throughout.

The game, of course, has the same 1-minute playthrough time, and has the nostalgic frustration you get with those older games, but all-in-all it is a faithful recreation, and I’m looking forward to more from them!

The game is available using any desktop browser, as well as iPad’s Safari. Be sure to check it out!

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