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Dead Island’s Purna’s ‘Gender Wars’ could have been something quite different

There are a lot of things that can be found in game’s coding. Most of it is completely incomprehensible to those who aren’t trained in the craft, but some people can still dig around in there and find out some secrets. It appears that a Steam user was able to discover an alternative name for Purna’s skill which is called Gender Wars.

The skill gives Purna a +15% damage against male zombies, but it also was at one point called “Feminist Wh*re.” The skill is obviously not called that in the final title, and it also cannot be switched to that title which means that no one should get offended by this title. Honestly it is also quite funny in my opinion, however I could easily see how some can be offended by it, namely radical feminists. And that is a box of snakes that you do not want to shake.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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