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DC Universe Online introduces Free mode

When DC Universe Online was first announced my first thought was some fangirl reaction to superhero playability. Then the reality that it was a MMORPG set in. In a post-WOW land MMORPGs can only hope for a tepid welcome to the market with a steady income but nothing of the likes that Blizzard make in a day. The game just wasn’t mindblowingly different enough to ensure a decent market share. However, Sony Online Entertainment have gathered their hopes and dreams and set themselves a realistic and good strategy.

Beginning in late October, DC Universe will have a free-to-play mode on both PS3 and PC. There will be three modes in total, Free, Premium and Legendary. Each mode has the same sandbox gameplay, missions, and the general updates and fixes, but obviously the benefits and options will become more varied the higher you go up. To upgrade to Premium you need to make a $5 USD in-game purchase (or have made in the past), and for Legendary it is a $14.99 monthly fee. For more specific details go to their website.

What do you guys reckon? Will this provide the push needed to get DC Universe Online really flying high?

Jessica Barabas-Bui
Jessica Barabas-Bui
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