Burn the Rope: Worlds released

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Big Blue Bubble Inc has released a sequel to their hit iOS game, Burn the Rope. Burn the Rope: Worlds gives you 100 brand new levels in four different themes, and a new mini game called Endless Burn.

Burn the Rope: Worlds has the same gameplay rules as the original game. You have to burn as much rope as possible, trying to keep the flame going as long as possible. To keep the flame going, you rotate your phone and catch ropes on fire, since flames burn upwards. Additionally, there are different types of bugs with either help or hinder you along the way. The mini-game is like a version of snake, where you have to collect bugs but not run into yourself.

This is a unique puzzle game, not simply a standard cookie cutter concept or design.

Go grab it from iTunes now for $0.99 and burn away!

BRB, playing games.

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