Bop It! makes a return on the iOS

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Who remembers Bop It!? I know it was a somewhat big part of my childhood, especially for the early part where I had no idea what it was except that it looked weird and made sound. Well now Bop It! has been reinvented for the next generation on the iOS.

Bop It! has a four different solo modes, Classic, Basic, Extreme and Blitz, and three modes in multi-player including the iPad-exclusive All Play mode. Of course, it also has a Facebook feature which allows you to share and reminisce through Facebook and declare yourself Bop-ing champion. Plus, you can unlock Bopjects, something that the RL-version never had.

It’ll be a great way to distract the kids for a while (if you trust them with your thousand-dollar technology) or secretly turn back the clock and have some good old fashioned Bop-ing fun yourself.

Bop It! is available at the iTunes store for $0.99 – Buy it now!

BRB, playing games.

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