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Zombies search for a home; find one in Playstation

Oddly enough, the classified ad for the following has gone unanswered for quite some time: “Single undead zombie seeking a place to live and stage deadly terror attacks. Must accept flesh as payment. Dwelling must be large enough to host a horde. Owners should not be alarmed at the site of weapons, dead people, or other survival horror items.”

Sony has finally listened to the plea of this zombie though and offered a home on Playstation Home. If your over the age of 17, you can even visit the zombie and his horde. Themed mini games, which can be played with up to 4 people, will be available, as well as photo taking and rewards. 4 free Playstation Home rewards can be earned, as well as some other exclusive items.

Each week, new content will be introduced “including a premium PlayStation Home reward “Exploding Zombie Outfit” for players that pre-order Dead Island directly from Home’s Central Plaza” and “Exploding Meat”, a powerful weapon for use in Dead Island that can only be acquired by surviving the PlayStation Home onslaught.”

The Dead Island area of Home will be habitable before the games release in September.