XBox 360 hack opens up can of worms for Microsoft

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Prepare for another potential legal battle as the hackers are at it again, this time assaulting the XBox360 and essentially jailbreaking it to read unsigned code. According to those responsible the exploit the have found is unpatchable by microsoft. Earlier model XBox consoles were also vunerable to the so called “jtag” hack but Microsoft have eliminated the ability to do this in all current models. Even so, the hacking scene behind the XBox360 seems relentless and have managed to appease the appetites of internet pirates worldwide through hardware modifications allowing them to play stolen titles.

How will Microsoft react to such news especially with the amount of time and effort they have put into the security measures on their new dashboards which rewrite modded DVD drives back to official status. There are a handful of legitimate users who will use the hack for their own homebrew and to fully utilise their systems while others will simply see it as another form of piracy. Microsoft can only try come up with some kind of security measure to stop it, I guess the saving grace is this isnt anything new to them, just another way to hack their already hacked console. Expect some kind of retaliation from Microsoft especially with the success Sony had in the GeoHot case.

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