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For anyone that is signed up to Xboxlive, they may have noticed that this message dropped in their inbox today. Well, provided that it didn’t get isolated by your spam filter. Which would be a real shame. Because you wouldn’t know the HUGE opportunity that Xbox is offering to a lucky few Australian and New Zealand gamers! Then again… it’s one less person to compete with…

No. NO. Bad Spike. We here at Capsule Copmputers are all about equal opportunity. No matter how much I want to win this prize for myself… But chances are if you clicked on  this article, you know what you’re here to find out about. 🙂

Recently, the following email was sent around to inform Australians and New Zealanders alike that they could potentially win a round trip to Seattle to take part in HALO FEST 2011, being held in Seattle on the 25th of August. Halo Fest is going to be the single biggest celebration of the Halo Universe, commemorating 10 years since the first game’s inception. However, it’s only being held in America. A bit far for us Aussies and Kiwis. However, for a lucky winner, that could well change. The winner will not only win a trip to experience the huge celebration that is Halo Fest, but will also have the chance to rub shoulders with authors, game designers, the fanbase, and the many other people who have contributed to this colossus of a gaming series over the last decade. Also, kind of important, the chance to play Halo Anniversary! As well as that, the winner will receive a brand new Windows 7 Phone pre-loaded with Halo Waypoint! It’s free to sign up, so what have you got to loose?

The 25th is only 3 weeks away! So odds are this competition is going to be drawn out soon for logistical practicality. If you want in on this, what are you waiting for?! Click on your email link, or head to the signup facebook page at:

Check out the email below:


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