Valve launch Gift trading system on Steam

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These guys would have to be one of my favourite developers, even though they don’t release a plethora of titles like many others, most everything they do release is damn awesome. Portal 2 couldn’t have come at a better time in a gaming market that was getting downright monotonous, being flooded with FPS essentially representing the same game in a different location. Amongst their other titles, Left 4 Dead 2 remains as one of the most popular multiplayer and online games ever. Basically what imp getting at is when these guys do something they generally do it well.
So it should be with great excitement to many that Valve has launched the Steam Trading Beta, allowing users to trade Steam Gifts and in-game items. Although the Beta only currently applies to Team Fortress 2, Valve have confirmed via Steam that “Portal 2 should be reasonably soon, and we hope to see several third party games in the next few months”.
Users can also trade any games they have purchased within the store as well as those “extra” copies that frequently come as incentives with big titles. It should be noted that only unopened games will be eligible to be accepted into the system. Steam has also implemented a new feature that allows users to save a Gift for trading at the point of purchase.
Valve announced the news not long after Blizzard introduced an Auction house in Diablo 3 that allowed players to trade their legal and ill-gained loot for real cash.

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