Rift 1.4 Legacy of the Fallen Incoming

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Coming live to RIFT is 1.4, Legacy of the Fallen. This update brings a tide of Abyssal and the fury of the Aelfwar as their cults cower in fear over the loss of their dragon gods, Akylios and Greenscale.

The event coming with the update brings many new content additions, such as a world spanning quest, a new 10-man raid, and a riftchase that pits players against rifts of both life and water. The looking for group system also becomes enhances as it allows players to search for groups across shards. The game is also gaining the addition of PvP rifts and an alternate warfront mission.

Legacy of the Fallen Summary
– PvP Rifts: More open-world PvP goodness!
– Cross-Shard LFG
– Water Saga: Quest line that lets you earn epic loot and a vicious crocodile mount
– Planar Menace: Stop House Aelfwar and the Abyssal from claiming the Dragon Motes
– Drowned Halls: A new 10-player raid sliver
– Quest Item Keyring: Save space in your inventory with an extra bag to hold your quest items

– New Rare Materials
–New tier of epic materials for each harvesting profession

– New Crafted Item Sets
– Eight new crafted item sets for dungeon and raid players

– Player Crafted Augments
– Apothecaries can salvage planar essences to craft powerful item augments!

Be sure to check out the Official Website for more info.

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