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PlayStation 3 receives immediate price drop to $250, $300 for 320 GB models

To close out their Gamescom 2011 keynote speech this year, Sony brought out a bit of surprising news. That the PlayStation 3 would be getting a price drop down to $250 for the 160GB model immediatly after the announcement was made. This means that right now you can go to nearly any store at this moment and pick up 160GB model of the PlayStation 3 for $249.99 in the U.S., €249.99 in Europe, ¥24,980 in Japan and $349.95 in Australia.

The 320GB model will cost $300 in the US and $449.95 in Australia and this announcement is pretty interesting considering it comes nearly to the date with the previous price drop to $299.99 which occurred two years ago. If for whatever reason you haven’t picked up a PlayStation 3 yet, it is now cheaper than ever before to do so.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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