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PixoFactor launches Zorro™: Shadow of Vengeance

PixoFactor Entertainment announces the release of Zorro™: Shadow of Vengeance on August 15th, 2011. Excelling in cross platform games and mobile apps, PixoFactor provides an action packed platformer with hours of entertaining gameplay.

Zorro™: Shadow of Vengeance provides key game features to initiate a new blood flow in the platformer genre. Delve into the beautifully designed environments that captivate the essence of the mid 1800s Western themes. In this dark, sinister world Zorro must utilize his prestige sword attacks and knife throwing abilities to defeat new foes. With your sword make your mark of Zorro by swiping the screen in a “Z” pattern to leave your signature on wanted posters, doors, and walls. Collect in-game items such as wanted posters to increase your game score, and compare your accomplishments with friends on Facebook.

$2.99 on iPhone® and iPod® touch (Here)
$3.99 for iPad®. (Here)
$2.99 for Android (Here)

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