The Old Republic charters its course out of region locking


That’s right folks. Peeps who pick up The Old Republic at launch will be free of any region locking. Aussies, Brits, Amazonians, researchers at McMurdo and even tourists at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will be able to kick Sith butt anywhere in the world, assuming their WIFI is good enough. So never fear, BioWare is a kind master. If your ISP can make the Latency Run in under 12ms, you will be able to find the droids your looking for… and then slice ’em, shoot ’em, fly ’em and kick ’em all the way back to Coruscant. Unfortunately, no Jedi or Sith Lord has yet conquered the Origin service that the game will be digitally exclusive available on. Guess you’ll just to smuggle it through an old fashioned retailer.

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