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Nerdy Niches – Galaxy World on George St

Do you love to go to arcades as much as I do? Then you MUST know and go to this wonderful not so little arcade which is just bursting full of games and prizes, Galaxy World on George Street.

Here is some helpful information:

What: Galaxy World

Where: George Street

Gamess that was rememberable:
• Mario Kart 2
• Air Hockey
• Claw machines
o Plushies
o Watches
o Slippers

• DDR machines
• Barber Cut Game
o Xbox
o Ipad
o Camera
o Phone
o Wii
• Fantastic Fever 3
• Car games
• And much more

The Good:
Mario Kart 2 still has cards to get! Personally I have always wanted to get a Mario kart card so to finally have one brought a giant smile to my face.
Close to the Pizza Hut buffet and cinemas. I visit the cinemas and pizza hut alll the time. It is 2 other great nerdy niches to visit, and to visit all 3 in one night really makes going out fun.

The Bad:
I feel as if there is a smaller selection. Well at least smaller selection to games that I like to play.
The claw machines seem impossible. I should know, I’m normally really good at them!!!
I don’t get this whole token coin games. It seems like a waste of time and money to me.

My silly own opinion:

I feel like a lot of the games downstairs are just a way to get your money. I mean sure games such as the claw machine defienetely make you feel like they are a way to get your money but at least most of the time you have a chance of winning. The games downstairs are claw machines, which seem impossible, along with these weird coin token games which seem to be impossible to get a large number of coin tokens. On top of this the coin tokens cost a lot to get so … it all seems quite useless. Yet all these children and adults are sitting there addictively playing like it’s a casino. It does worry me a bit….
In the end I guess I go there because there are a few games such as Mario kart and air hockey that I do love to play and it makes a visit to the cinemas or pizza hut better. So it might not be a place to visit on its own for me but that’s just my opinion.

Well anyway, it’s a great place to visit and I advise you all to check it out 😀

A crazy girl that wishes to be an author.