Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead BETA


Game developer Joymax has officially opened the doors for their beta test of Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead. The game has been developed with a World War II theme surrounding the Axis and Allies. The most notable units thus far are Germans and Russians. Strictly online, Prisoners of the Dead offers a multitude of modes to play. While playing through the beta, I did not notice a particular storyline or single-player mode.

The first interesting aspect I noticed was the inventory. Not only are you allowed to change up your weapon schematic, but you are also able to allocate skills to increase effectiveness in battle. For instance if you put 3 skill points in “Precise Aim”, your character will have 10% reduced recoil – this would help immensely while using a sniper rifle. Unlike other online FPS games, Karma Online requires you to repair your equipment after battle. You will not be able to use your items if they have too much wear on them. Make sure your primary weapon in your inventory is equipped otherwise you will not be carrying one. *Trust me, it learned the hard way.*

Upon entering the selection screen, the player is able to choose which faction to play as. The game will start loading as soon as the host starts the match. Players may navigate and change equipment in inventory while the game is actually going on. Once the player hits the “ready” button, they cannot navigate off of the screen and will join the active game.

After you have severely embarrassed yourself in combat, you can observed the results of battle. Total XP, KP, and skill points are noted at the top of the summary. Experience is utilized to measure the skill and time put forth in a player. As more experience is gained, new weapons and characters become available. Sadly, this game measures your accuracy. I do not see this as problem if you are trying to mow down your opponents…

Karma Online: Prisoner of the Dead is definitely worth a look. Remember the beta is open until August 16th, so get your WW2 gear on and join in on the fun. You can catch me online as the PoidPipper.

Click HERE to try out the BETA!

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