JAST USA at Anime Expo 2011

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For those who weren’t fortunate enough to bare witness to JAST USA’s Visual Novel Panel at this year’s Anime Expo, JAST have graciously uploaded a recap video, highlighting the best moments of the panel and all the announcements that were made.

If you don’t know who JAST USA are or what they do here is a quick run-down. JAST specialise in localising Japanese video-games (mostly visual novels and dating-sims) into English, including titles from Nitro+ and Peach Princess. There isn’t many companies out their bringing these titles to the Western world and JAST USA are there to give you your bishoujo fill.

You can check out the recap video below to see what happened at Anime Expo 2011 and if you want to see more you can view their website here. Also please leave a comment below letting us know what you thought.

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